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Sesson 1

23 April 2022 9:00 am - 12:00 noon (UTC+8)

Conference Keynote Speeches

Conference Chair_Dr Luo Xiang Roy

Conference Chair:
Dr. LUO Xiang

Co-chair, Social Impact Investment & Procurement Foundation, Former Country Director (China), United Nations Office for Project Services(UNOPS)

Ban Ki_moon_Profile Photo.jpg

BAN Ki-moon

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations


Yukio Hatoyama

93rd Prime Minister of Japan

yang yuanqing.jpg

YANG Yuanqing

Chairman and CEO

 Lenovo Group

万科 王石.jpeg


Founder of Vanke Group 
Founder of Destone Group
Chairman of Vanke Foundation


MA Weihua

Member of UNDP SDG Impact Steering Group, Chairman of China Global Philanthropy Institute

Guazo, Pedro.jpg

Pedro Antonio Guazo Alonso

Representative of the Secretary-General UN for Jointed Staff Pension Fund


Dr. Jan Mattsson

Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Chief Strategic Advisor of Social Impact Investing and Procurement Fund

王翰元 Karen WANG.jpeg

Karen WANG

Forbes 30 Under 30, Founding Member at Carbonbase, Imperial College London, Climate Finance Student Ambassador

WeChat Image_20220407112809.jpg

LI Xin

Vice President of Caixin Media

Managing Director of Caixin Global

Conference Chairman of Carbon Neutrality High-End Round Table Dialogue

Session 2
Conference Chairman Of Carbon Neutrality High-End Round Table Dialogue_Dr_edited.jpg

 Dr. TANG Renhu

Chief Scientist of National 973 Project

Director of NUSC Carbon Neutral Joint Lab

Panel 1| 23 April 2022 2:00 pm - 3:20 pm (UTC+8)

Carbon Neutral Digital Industry Upgrade, Technology Innovation, Smart Manufacturing


Dr. TANG Min

Chairman of Youcheng Foundation, former Chief Economist of Asian Development Bank


MA Jinru

Vice President of Goldwind Science & Technology

Wang Yang.png


Founder and CEO of

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 11.51.00 AM.png

Organic and Beyond Food Co.
Founder and Chairman

ZHANG Xiangdong


Dr. XU Chengzhi

Vice President China Tianying Group

Dr. Jing Liu.png

Dr. LIU Jing

Deputy Director of UNIDO
Global Innovation Network Project 

Panel 2 | 23 April 2022 3:20 pm - 4:40 pm (UTC+8)

Carbon Neutral Industry and Technology Investment, Innovative Financial System Construction, Carbon Trading and Carbon Tariff

Prof. LIANG Xi.jpg

Prof. LIANG Xi

Sustainable Transition in Construction and Infrastructure
University College London

Haiping Hu.png

Haiping HU

Chairman of Global Internet of People,
Hui Yang New Energy Material Technology

Hu Hairuo.jpeg

HU Hairuo

Senior Vice President of Liangjiang Capital.

WeChat Image_20220415200951.jpg

WANG Guangyu

Founder & President
China Soft Capital Group

Allen YEUNG,.jpg


Founder and CEO
of Intelli Global Corporation (IGC)

WeChat Image_20220409140641.jpg

Derwin MEI

Beijing Environmental Exchange

Managing Director

Panel 3 | 23 April 2022 4:40 pm - 6:00 pm (UTC+8)

Carbon Neutral Strategic Planning and Implementation Path, International Collaboration and Assistance, Legal System and Policy Assurance


LI Junfeng

Standing Director of China Energy Research Society 
Venture Partner of Sequoia China
Chairman of Sequoia Institute for Carbon Neutrality

Oumar Sylla.png

Acting Director of the Regional Office for Africa

UN Habitat

Fang Ke.png


Director General of Implementation Monitoring Department, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB)

Zhang Xiaohua.png

ZHANG Xiaohua

Climate work
The First Representative of China Region

Oumar Sylla


Professor WANG Dong

Shenzhen International Low Carbon Development


Hubert Staberhofer

Founder/CEO of Aurea Draconis,
Former South Asia Representative of UNOPS

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