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On this page you can browse what is happening the latest in the meeting room of SIIS. The most in-time information  will be delivered to you through news and blogs. You can check the page regularly to maintain in touch. 

SIIS Welcomed over 30 Global Leaders 

With strong support of the United Nations system, we invited more than 30 outstanding leaders and effective practitioners in their respective fields of impact investing and sustainable development goals, including global political and international leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and professional researchers, to discuss "Strategic Thinking and Innovative Actions about Social Impact Investment in the Post-Pandemic Era" in SIIS Conference 2021. 

The UN System Responds to SIIS

The conference was at high professional level and has received an overwhelming response from the UN, impact investing and the SDG ecosystem.

Former Japan Minister in SIIS

SIIS is hornoured to have Former Prime Minister of Japan Dr. Yukio Hatoyama as one of the featured speakers, who is widely influential in Asia.

Former UN Officier in SIIS 2021

Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Project Services, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations attended the SIIS Conference 2021 and delivered an insightful speech.

Over 1 Million Online Viewers of SIIS 

Over 1 million people watched the online streaming, including the global live broadcast of professional and authoritative media.

Enterprise Audience of SIIS

SIIS 2021's professional publicity was conducted through the SDH's own self-media platform (the SDH Master Board's online registered members exceed 10 million enterprises and 2,000 global professional mentors). 

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